Lottery Singapore

Lottery Singapore

Lottery Singapore is a local lottery game that is operated by Singapore Pools (Private) Limited. It is available to all residents of Singapore and offers a number of prizes including a jackpot.

The minimum prize for a draw is S$1 million, which is quite high for a local lottery. However, it is worth noting that the jackpot can roll down to a smaller amount if there are no winners for four consecutive draws.

Other than the jackpot, the Singapore Toto lottery has 6 other prize tiers. These tiers offer a range of different prizes, some of which are fixed amounts while others are based on a percentage of the total prize pool.

This lottery is available to all citizens of Singapore and can be purchased at any physical lottery outlet in the country. There are also online lottery websites where you can purchase a number of tickets for a particular lottery game.

These websites are a great way to purchase your lottery numbers without having to worry about traffic or the weather. They are also accessible 24 hours a day and you can even log in from anywhere, which is a major convenience for anyone who loves lottery.

In addition, these online websites have lottery number generators and prediction software. This is a great tool for any player who is new to the lottery and doesn’t know what numbers to choose or what strategy to follow. Using this tool will help you win more often!