Lottery Hongkong and XOTTO

Lottery Hongkong is one of the most popular and reliable online lotteries in the world. It is regulated by a strict legal framework and offers reasonable prizes, multiple prize divisions and affordable tickets.

The lottery game has been a favourite of citizens in Hong Kong since 1975, and is one of the few gambling games allowed by the local government. Its prizes are not taxed in Hong Kong, but you should check with your country’s laws if you intend to play abroad.

Mark Six – the oldest lottery in Asia

The HKMark Six lottery has been running for more than 40 years, making it the longest-running and most trusted lottery in Asia. It has a jackpot of up to HK$100 million, and its payouts are paid out in cash or cheques.

XOTTO – the new lottery that uses Blockchain

The XOTTO blockchain has been designed to be transparent and fair, providing complete anonymity for players. It also allows for automated tracking and redrawing of winning numbers, and is compatible with any mobile device. It is completely secure and doesn’t require registration. You can also choose to play with other players on the XOTTO network, which is a great way to meet people and socialize. You can join groups created by other enthusiasts and post messages to them. You can even watch videos and chat with other players! The XOTTO platform is available for free and offers an easy way to play the lottery.