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Lottery Singapore

Playing the Lottery Singapore online is safe, convenient, and easy. The website is accessible on any device, including smartphones. It also offers email results so customers can stay up to date on the latest lottery results. To win, players must match the numbers on their tickets with the numbers in previous draws. In addition, they must ensure that the weight of the balls used in the drawing match their ticket, as a higher weighted ball will result in a higher prize. For even more convenience, players can register for email alerts and be informed of the latest results.

Tickets can be purchased for as low as $1, GST included. Players select six numbers from 1 to 49. Three of those numbers must match the winning number and the additional number to win a prize. The higher the number matching, the higher the price. A jackpot winner will receive $2.3 million if his six numbers match the winning numbers.

The lottery is operated by Singapore Pools (Private) Limited, a company owned by the state. It is the only legal lottery operator in Singapore. Its primary products include the Toto lottery and sports betting. It is committed to responsible gambling and is located throughout the island. Customers can also count on friendly customer service representatives for assistance.