How to Play Lottery Hongkong

You may be wondering how to play Lottery Hongkong. The official name of the lottery is the Hong Kong Lottery, and proceeds from every draw go to the state’s education program. In addition to funding a state-funded education program, 100% of the proceeds from the Hong Kong Lottery also help to lower class size ratios, reduce safety hazards, and improve the quality of education. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your lottery tickets.

The Mark Six lottery is a popular game in Hong Kong, and features a 6/49 matrix. Players choose 6 numbers from one to 49 and must match all of them to win the first division prize and the jackpot. Players may purchase their tickets at the Lottery’s Online Betting Service, Automated Services, or Classic 3-in-1 mobile app. Alternatively, if you are feeling lucky, you can purchase a lottery ticket through a Hong Kong lottery retailer.

The Snowball Draw is a special event that occurs on top of regular Match Six draws. It usually falls on special occasions or on public holidays. Snowball prize pools are usually over 100 million Hong Kong dollars. The jackpot can rise to over HKD$100 million in some draws. Fortunately, the lottery doesn’t have any ‘loss’ tickets, so you’re guaranteed a prize at some point. You’ll never know when you’ll win!