Hong Kong Lottery

Buying a ticket for the Hong Kong Lottery can be a fun evening activity. You can play a variety of games for as little as HKD 10 for each selection. Buying multiple tickets can increase your chances of winning.

To play, you need to choose six numbers from a pool of 49. You will receive a jackpot if all of the numbers you have picked match. The prize money ranges from HKD8 million to HKD100 million.

The Mark Six game was created to prevent illegal lotteries. It was not very popular at the time. However, the game’s large jackpot created a market in Macau. The betting value is based on the official prize fund and the exchange rate of the Hong Kong dollar to the pound sterling.

Purchasing a ticket is free, and you don’t need a bank account or a credit card to play. You can play online or on your mobile phone. The Hong Kong Lottery website also provides you with a list of the winning ticket combinations. You can also sign up for email alerts.

The Hong Kong Lottery is a tax free lotto game. A portion of the proceeds goes toward improving education in Hong Kong. During festivals, the Snowball Pool adds random amounts to the jackpot.

The draw is conducted every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 21:30 HKT. The balls used in the draw are weighed on a regular basis. Employees from the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC) are responsible for checking the balls and other materials used for the draw.